One of only "Four beautiful, pack-your-suitcase worthy reads for summer vacation. . . . Four Nails is a big book packed with history and adventure."
Huffington Post, April 2016

"Fast paced and richly entertaining . . . [with] a love story . . . natural rather than forced is just an added bonus."
Historical Novel Society "Recommended" review, 2016.

"FOUR NAILS is many things, all of them topnotch, . . . a love story, a couple of them, actually, both unconventional—between a boy and his magnificent war elephant and also for the unattainable and untouchable girl, . . . [an] epic tale of a lost Indian boy trying find his way back home."
Dan Pollock, former Los Angeles Times Syndicate Editor, Amazon Reviewer, 2017.

"A wonderfully crafted balance of Roman-era drama and the fierceness of battle."
Kirkus Review of "South of Burnt Rocks"

"[W]ell researched and engrossing novel . . . . bringing this time period alive. Recommended."
Historical Novel Society Review of "South of Burnt Rocks", Aug. 1, 2015


G.J. Berger

G. J. spent much of his young life on the road and at sea, even working as a crew member on a tramp steamer. Wherever his travels took him, old walls, canals, storage holes deep in the ground, made him wonder about how they got there, about the people who built them, how they lived and got along. The result is two novels wherein the places, the history, many of the characters do and did exist.

The San Diego Book Awards Association selected both books as the Best Historical Novel of their respective publication years. Many notable authors, including J. K. Rowling and Susan Vreeland, have entered their novels in the annual SDBAA contest. Each of G. J.'s novels has received the much sought-after B.R.A.G. (Book Readers Appreciation Group) Medallion and the Awesome Indies Badge of approval. G. J. is on the review team of the Historical Novel Society.


Four Nails

School children in many lands have heard of Hannibal, the general out of Carthage who took an army and elephants over the Alps and down the back side of his mortal enemy, Rome. Author GJ Berger transports the reader into the heart and mind of Hannibal’s lead elephant driver and into the spirit of his magnificent elephant. As with Berger’s debut historical fiction novel, “South of Burnt Rocks West of The Moon”, the places, tides of history, and main encounters in “Four Nails” are all true, laced with rich details from a life-time of research into an engrossing and deeply satisfying story previously lost to the fog of history.



South of Burnt Rocks
West of The Moon

After three great wars, Rome has crushed Carthage. Now the undefended riches of Iberia beckon–gold, tin, olives, wine, and healthy young bodies to enslave. “Burnt Rocks”, a mostly true historical novel portrays Celtic fighting women making a last stand against the Roman army. Armed with little more than the spirits of the earth and sky, they show a courage known only to those with nothing left to lose. Based on real characters, places, and events, “Burnt Rocks” recreates that shadowy history–and eternal human nature rubbed raw.